About us

b'Queen Lingerie is an authorized brand, created in the Republic of Moldova in 2017, belongs to the company "Antigona" SRL, based in Chisinau, str. Ismail 116/10, of.9, contact phone +37369613225. We have online sales in Europe and Russia, as well as in Asian countries.

We offer you to buy underwear for women, medium range, as well as luxury style range. On the page of our website you can find several categories of products related to the feminine style for the home: gowns, pajamas, shorts, etc. Here we also offer bodysuits, garter belts, as well as tights that would complete your outfit. As a look supplement, we offer you Arabic perfumes with a surprisingly long-lasting scent, approximately 24 hours with the persistence of the smell on your body and your clothes.

Why should you choose  b’Queen ?


-We have a wide range of women underwear.

-All the products are of superior quality.

-The fabrics used in sewing are of French, Italian origin, as well as European accessories.

-Smooth and elegant lace comes from the Chanty brand. It outlines your shapes extraordinarily, is pleasant to the touch and ecologically crafted, it benefits your health.

-There are permanent discounts on most products.

-You can buy a beautifully packaged product that can help you give a quality gift

-We have some gift vouchers that make you able to offer an elegant gift without risks

-Receive the order at home with the possibility of return in case the size is not suitable.

-Maximum safety in buying, returning and delivering products

- On orders over 1000 lei, delivery is free.

-If the product does not fit and you did not find another one in place, your money will be returned to your account.